Top Programming Languages for 2022/2023


  In this tutorial, we will talk about the top programming language in 2022/2023. There are a lot of programming languages this year that you should keep your eye and we are going to have a discussion around it, this tutorial is an obviously a little bit more than just ranking the languages and showing the names so there is a little bit perspective added on top of that.

   Before we go ahead and pick spot number five for this tutorial here are my two pieces of advice that are going to change your perspective about the programming language, nobody ever enjoyed programming language by writing its loops and functions and some classes.

    Yes, obviously we do that all day in and day out, but that is not where you find the true potential of the language, but go on to step two, step one is to learn the basics of a programming language for example function and variables and solving basic problems.

But you are going truly enjoy programming and programming language once you start building something in it so go ahead and explore that part also go ahead and explore libraries and frameworks and build something which actually does at least something so on this checklist of best seven (7) programming language.

   i. Typescript

  You can easily identify typescript as JavaScript with steroids and the steroids are not the bad one a lot more strictness comes up with the typescript and a lot of ambiguity that is easily seen in the JavaScript goes away when you use typescript a whole lot of JavaScript developers are adopting typescript and the packages who used to come with the basic JavaScript.

  In fact, a lot of people actually enjoy and love writing typescript code compared to JavaScript code. The only problem and issue I find with the typescript are there are not enough developers who are very trained in typescript they just use typescript with the ‘ts’ extension and still wring a whole JavaScript code.

  Typescript requires separate dedicated training on itself so that you can take full advantage of that language not just writing JavaScript inside the big package of typescript.

 ii. JavaScript

  JavaScript continues to be the most used programming language because of how versatile it is, you can use JavaScript for both client-side and server-side, for a beginner it is easy to get started all technically need to write and execute JavaScript code.

iii. Python

  Python is generally considered one of the easiest languages to learn because its syntax was very close to the natural language. Python is also widely adopted as a programming language in many different areas by software engineers from web development to data science to machine learning.

iv. Java / Kotlin

  Java is dominant and is going to stay dominant, now I agree with the point that not a lot of new applications and new products and new companies that are coming up are not too much friendly with the Java they usually prefer the new stack but what are the stacks and the companies which have already written mammoth of the code and mammoth of the application especially in the financial sectors these are already being dominated by Java and they have enough of the scope to hire millions and millions of engineers to maintain that code.

  Thus Java is going to dominate this year too. Alongside Java, Kotlin is also rising and I sometimes feel that kotlin is like those veins on the tree which are growing because of the Java but they are probably not going to be standing alone on their own feet because of the shadow of Java.

 v. PHP

   PHP and some of you might be wondering why PHP is on even the list is it not a dying language is it not dead? no, my friend, it is not yet dead and there is a strange pattern in the world of PHP that is growing up, now in recent last couple of years a lot of engineers which are focused more on either python or the JavaScript creating an absurd shortage of the PHP developers.

  Now on the hand where a whole lot of packages and applications are being rewritten in the node.js if they could afford it but they are still mammoth of the applications which are still running and maintained in Laravel and the PHP and they are working absolute fine there.

I have recently seen that a lot of companies are now ready to pay even more to people who have experience with PHP. I agree it is a very strange phenomenon but this is happening right now in the industry.

vi. Rust

  Rust is a low-level programming language with direct access to hardware and memory. It has a lot of similarities to the syntax of C++. Now very similar to Go / Golang, Rust also gives you the ability to trace the data races, mutex, a lot of memory, and concurrency. 

vii. Go / Golang

  This language is growing hot this year it’s already in production with so many applications and so many product-based companies are evolving in this language.

  Go / Golang is considered the modern version of the C programming language a lot of people call it the fresh take on the sea. Go / Golang is built to fully utilize the cloud infrastructure and hence you see these so many companies are using it.

There is no shortage of the packages and resources available for Golang you can build the entire web application.

Okay now moving to the section of honorable mention, in the honorable mention I have got three listed, C++, C, and Swift.

NOTE: This is my personal opinion. Not everybody needs to learn these languages it depends on what to do, and what you want to do.

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