Software Development Life-Cycle (SDCL) vs Software Testing | Explained


Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), describes how the software is conceptualized, developed, and maintained. To understand the software development life cycle (SDLC), there are several key points you need to understand.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the process used by the software industry to design, develop and test high-quality software. SDLC aims to produce high-quality software that meets or exceeds customer expectations and reaches completion within times and cost estimates.

  1. Planning requirements

Together a customer and product owner (project manager) will discuss terms and agreements, assign a deal and accept the project. Then they will outline the requirements of the application, defining the application for example,

      -User Registration



      -Dashboard Landing Page etc.

  1. Requirement Analysis

Here there is a team, Operations, product owners, developers, and testers will meet at the office for a few hours and find each outlined requirement and give more planning details. Defining requirements, for example

     -user registration requirements,

  1. Username input field
  2. Password field
  3. Checkbox; Accept terms and conditions
  4. Submit button
  5. Ability to save user into the database

      -Login requirements,

We need a login page to allow returning users to login back into a system. i.e.

  1. Username input field
  2. Password field
  3. Submit button
  4. Read user from a database
  5. Log a user into a system

      -Logout requirements,

  1. Logout button
  2. Clear session: After pressing the logout button you need to clear the session in the browser
  3. Prevent account theft

     -Dashboard requirements,

  1. The Main home page of the application
  2. After a new user registers should be redirected to this page
  3. Exiting users redirect here after the login
  1. Design

The design face takes all planning requirements and starts to plan a product. It gives the architecture of the software product to be developed and is done by the architects and senior developers.

Design face may include business rules (i.e. Clear session or logout), layout (i.e. Responsive web design, mobile support), color schemes (i.e. Blue or green), programming language to use (i.e. Ruby, Java), frameworks (i.e. Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB), system server design, database relationships, the architecture of an application, mobile aspects, support browsers, etc.

  1. Implementing/coding

Setup physical hardware for the servers, developers will start writing the code for the product, designers will continue planning the user interface, and also the testers will continue with internal tests of the application. Developers of all levels, seniors, and juniors all are involved in this phase.

This is the phase where we start building the software. The outcome from this phase is the source code document and the developed product.

  1. Testing

Validate all requirements are met. The entire system is tested as per the requirements. It covers all combined parts of a system i.e. Hardware parts and software requirements. Functional requirements and non-functional requirements. For example, keep refreshing browsers, login, logout functionality, and fixes all bugs that appear i.e. colors. A customer also will test the system.

  1. Deployment

The operation teams will meet for the production of a system. Installing new hardware, planning a new server, and checking if everything is okay for production, for example, setup of a link (URL:, setup of a database.

Deployment is done by deployment engineers or implementation engineers.


  1. Maintenance

As it is a successful application gets millions of users who log in and use the application, so you need to maintain the server in its environment i.e. Bugs during production, and Check the performance of the system (CPU) so it doesn’t bring down the system as users use the system.

In Conclusions;

TESTING: Is intended to show that the program does what is intended to do and discover program defects before being put into use.

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