What is Firebase?


Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications. Firebase real-time database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database that lets you store and sync data in real-time. It was originally founded in 2011.

Cloud storage is a Google cloud that allows for secure storing and sharing of user-generated content. Real-time database stores and syncs unrestricted apps data in JSON and enables to access it in real-time.

When you design apps like mobile apps like iOS or Android or maybe the web application the database is kind of a big problem and not because it is hard to design of course it is a bit tricky to design as well as sometimes it consumes a lot of bandwidth trafficking between a database and your applications.

The front end is kind of a big issue on top of that the host page is again a problem, imagine if your app is having photo-sharing things and you want to access all the photos there, so it is not easy to maintain all of these things.

Now on top of that managing your authentication system is also a trick either because everybody needs authentication from Facebook may be Twitter may be Google or even a simple login system is not easy to design from scratch, of course, it is possible but it is not easy to design.

Now what firebase gives you a complete solution about how things can be taken down now it is very good to complete back-end solution that you can put it there, now with firebase you can do all sorts of authentication most common ones are by user name, email, and password, but you can use the login in the Twitter login with Facebook login with Google account and GitHub and all things that you can imagine which are most popular.

Apart from authentication it also manages a very good problem of database it gives you a real-time database and by real-time.

I literally mean real type students the user will click in and you have written a code that the database entry should be done there it does it in real-time you can just see the things magically appear there and is very awesome for debugging and rolling out increased level in your application.

In Firebase now you do not need to learn anything which means if you are working in Swift you can use it in Swift language as well as a complete API that works in it. If you are an Android developer you can work it in Android that there is a specific guideline for Android.

Also, if you are working in a JavaScript-based application or web application then you can use the entire firebase in JavaScript as well because it has an API that works with it.

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